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Flight TrainingNameDescription
Chief Flight Instructor Merl Raisbeck
Chief Tow Pilot Curt Cole
Aircraft Crew ChiefsNameDescription
SGS 2-32 David Slinger
Grob G103 Howie Stetser
LS-4a Merl Raisbeck
Solitaire XP Merl Raisbeck
Pawnee PA-25 Curt Cole
Equipment Crew ChiefsNameDescription
Batteries Dave Kinsell Repair and replace sailplane batteries as needed
Flatbed Trailer Maintain flatbed trailer
Fuel Bill Corbin Procurement of av gas & car gas. Disposition of used oil.
Mowers Bernie Lewis Maintain mowing equipment
Office Radio Dave Kinsell Maintain radio and ensure license is current
Oxygen Rick Mason Maritain oxygen equipment and ensure oxygen bottles are filled
Parachutes Jim Hoffman Ensure parachutes are repacked as required.
Suzuki Dave O'Brien Maintain sailplane tow vehicle and check emergency kit yearly
Tow Ropes Curt Cole Maintain tow ropes and ensure spare tow rope is available
Tractor Ken Rousselle Maintain tractor and associated equipment
Weak Links Curt Cole Maintain weak links and ensure spare carabiners, tow rings and protective tubing are available
Winch Rick Mason Maintain winch, winch equipment (such as flags and radios) and cable
Scenic Flight Contact Dan Hemphill Take scenic ride calls and put them on the schedule
Schedule Manager Merl Raisbeck Ensure operating days are appropriately added to the schedule. Make changes and help uses as needed
Towpilot/Instructor Scheduler Jim Hoffman Ensure towpilots and instructors are signed up for operating days
Website Lead Aland Adams Maintain and enhance website. Make changes as requested and help users as needed
Website News Dave Kinsell Add, modify and remove website news items
Website Photos Virginia Adams Post submitted photos to the website and keep the albums organized
Cleaning Supplies George McLaughlin Stock cleaning supplies for the clubhouse and sailplanes
Clubhouse Food George McLaughlin Stock pop, tea, coffee, snacks. etc. and managed payment cans.
Facilities Manager David Slinger Identify problems. Browbeat, cajole, coerce BoD to do something about them. Find the competent members to actually do the job.
Hangar Utilization Aland Adams Manage arrangement of equipment and aircraft in the hangar
Propane Dan Hemphill Make sure that there is enough propane in the tank to keep the furnace running.

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