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Apr 6, 2009

Cross Country Challenge

2009 Cross Country Challenge.  Sponsored by Bill Corbin, Chief Flight Instructor

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Posted by: alanda

CSA Members:

For several years we have not emphasized Cross-Country Training or Recognition for Cross-Country achievements completed at Owl Canyon. I feel it’s time to renew the fun and excitement of Cross-Country flying. While not all pilots may initially want to try this type of flying, I would hope all pilots would at least learn the fundamentals and maybe even attempt the basic Cross-Country.

For 2009 I’ll be administering a 2009 Cross-Country Challenge for our club. The purpose is to encourage Cross-Country flights.  Provide the training necessary for NON FAI Badge members to complete their SILVER Badge. Also to recognize Cross-Country flights by the CSA members that already hold a minimum of a SILVER Badge.

Here’s the initial plan. There will be a couple of pancake breakfasts at Owl Canyon which will also include a Short Seminar on training items for members. Subjects such as Off-Field Landings, Land-Out Kits, glider trailers, maps and planning are some of the ideas I have for these Short Seminars. The training will be provided by me, other CSA Instructors or experienced members of CSA. See me if you are interested in helping with a Short Seminar.

For NON FAI Badge members you will be required to fly an assigned course. This course will meet the Silver Distance requirements. For STUDENT PILOTS only, you must fly with a Flight Instructor, unless you provide your own Glider. Please see me about this course.

For members with prior experience, i.e. Silver Badge or higher, there will be two parts to this Challenge. First is the assigned course that can be flown anytime, after the start date. I will assign the TASK for this part of the Challenge.  Secondly the first and fastest 300km and 500km flight(s) TRIANGLE that begin and end at Owl Canyon, and DECLARED prior to launch, will be recognized at the end of 2009. I will break down Glider Categories for 15m, 18m, motorglider and Open classes at the end of year awards.

Flights may start on or after May 1, 2009. The last day to complete a flight is October 31, 2009.

I hope all members of CSA make this part of their flying for 2009. It may even turn a few of you into Regional or National Competitors too. Also feel free to stop and ask me any question about the program.

See you at the gliderport,

Bill Corbin
Chief Instructor