Pictured are recent achievements of our members.  All submitted achievement photos can be seen in the Achievements Photo Album.

http://www.soarcsa.org/uploads/images/Albums/Achievements/Dave Warrender Commercial Check 3_29_15 (800x600).jpg
Dave W- Commercial Checkride- March 2015
http://www.soarcsa.org/uploads/images/Albums/Achievements/Lee S private 20131117.jpg
Lee S - Private checkride November 2013
http://www.soarcsa.org/uploads/images/Albums/Achievements/Tyler Bragg King Mountain Silver Badge 3W 7_15_14 (800x533).jpg
Tyler B Silver Badge at King Mountain July 2014
Alex P. (right), successful Private Pilot Glider check ride, with CFI Howie S. (left) and examiner Bob E. (center), March 19, 2016
http://www.soarcsa.org/uploads/images/Albums/Achievements/Derek Kruger First Solo 11_26_16 A.jpg
Derek K. - First Solo, November, 2016
http://www.soarcsa.org/uploads/images/Albums/Achievements/Justin Lundberg-Neff First Solo 11_26_16 B.jpg
Justin L. - First Solo, November, 2016