Scheduled Operating Days

Regularly scheduled operating days are as follows:

Special situations:

Sailplanes and Instructors:

Sailplanes are scheduled via the CSA Scheduling page. On current weekend days, call the club directly at 970-568-7627. Make sure you specify whether you need an instructor and the block of time desired. Do not assume anything since scheduling is subject to equipment, instructor, and tow pilot availability. If an instructor is not available on the schedule, you are encouraged to contact one and see if you can make special arrangements.

Sailplanes may be scheduled for a maximum of 2 hours per day per pilot, except:

You can get scheduling assistance from the Schedule Manager (Merl Raisbeck). You can also log and view Squwaks for each sailplane on the scheduling page.

Tows are on a first "staged" and ready to go, first served basis.

If a member wants to arrange tows during the week, the member must contact a towpilot individually and pay the towpilot the daily fee.

Ground Operations Director (G.O.D.):

All regular and student members are required to schedule and perform two days of  G.O.D. duty on regularly scheduled days each calendar year.  G.O.D. scheduling policies can be found on the G.O.D. page. G.O.D. duty is scheduled via the CSA Scheduling page.

If a day is canceled G.O.D. must still perform daily chores, record aircraft in the hangar and send the daily record to the Treasurer in order to receive credit for the day. If the gliderport is inaccessible due to weather or road conditions, email the Treasurer of that fact and credit will be given.

You can get G.O.D. scheduling assistance from the G.O.D. scheduler (N/A).

Towpilot and Instructor Sign-Ups

Towpilots and instructors can sign up for a day via the CSA Scheduling page or through the Towpilot and Instructor scheduler (Jim Hoffman) who can also provide scheduling assistance including username and password for staff scheduling.


Updated 05/24/2014