As stated in the Colorado Soaring Association Bylaws:

The basic purpose of this corporation [CSA] shall be to provide soaring facilities and equipment for members on a non-profit basis, to encourage and provide resources for flight instruction and training, and to further the knowledge of aerodynamics as well as furthering the principles and use of soaring, and the purposes as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation.

As opposed to many other soaring clubs, sites and operations, CSA owns the land, facilities, equipment, towplane and sailplanes at Owl Canyon Gliderport. The soaring operation is completely run by the CSA membership. In addition to the normal duties of a Board of Directors, the CSA Board also acts as the overall managers of the facilities and operation with the considerable help of many committees. In this way, all of the members can enjoy the sport of soaring at a very reasonable cost

It is important for all club members to participate in CSA activites to help everyone have a great time enjoying the sport of soaring!


Updated 11/10/2012