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Instructor Membership Information

Instructor Members are members of CSA who provide primary instruction and club checkouts for CSA members. They also give scenic rides to non-members.

In return for providing this service to CSA:

  • CSA dues are waived.
  • Instructor Members may fly club gliders for their own use under the same terms as Regular members.
  • Instructor Members are not required to be Ground Operations Director.

CSA requires Instructor Members to:

  • complete a membership application and submit a resume and a letter of understanding about committing to the duty requirements before flying with CSA as an instructor. You may submit the resume and letter via e-mail to csa_board at
  • receive board authorization before beginning an instructor checkout. The checkout will be by a CSA board designated examiner. Non-members may not receive nor give flight instruction.
  • be a current CFI-G.
  • commit to be at Owl Canyon Gliderport during normal operating hours to give rides and instruction at least 2 days every 4 weeks. Normal operating hours are 9 am to 6 pm weekend days and holidays.
  • charge for ground and flight instruction at a pre-arranged rate. Payment for instruction given is between the instructor and the student. CSA will not collect instruction fees.
  • join initially as a Regular Member, including payment of the initiation fee. The applicant must maintain the regular membership for a minimum of three months, at which time, he/she can convert to Instructor Member status and is eligible to "fly off the initiation fee" after 6 months satisfactory performance. If the decision to convert to Instructor Member status is not made prior to one year after joining, the initiation fee shall be forfeited by the applicant.
  • pay for their own proficiency flights, except each instructor member may take up to three 20 min flights per year at CSA expense for the annual CSA proficiency check or to retain 90-day currency.
  • perform a yearly CSA proficiency check with the CSA Chief Flight Instructor

FAST (Fly A Sailplane Today) flights

  • Instructor Members will be paid $10 by CSA for each FAST flight and each half hour of ground school given.

Scenic Rides

  • Instructor Members will be paid $10 by CSA for each scenic ride given. Scenic rides should be a minimum of 20 minutes. Rides longer than the minimum on a soaring day are encouraged if the schedule permits.
  • Insurance requirements are different for giving rides, so make sure you’re approved for rides in the specific glider.
  • Scenic rides may not be given in Experimental aircraft.


  • Instructor Members are subject to the same damage assessment as other members if they are responsible for damage to club equipment.

Voting Privileges, etc.

  • Instructor Members are not entitled to vote.
  • This information is also applicable to members of other CSA membership categories who are CSA Instructors.


Updated 05/24/2014

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