Help on using the scheduling tool.

Logging In
No login is required to view the initial page containing the day list, this help page, the glider squawk list and the daily schedule page.
To reserve a glider, reserve an Instructor or schedule G.O.D. time will require a "member" login with the member password.
To schedule as a tow pilot, winch captain or instrutor will require a "staff" login with the staff password. This login also enables member capabilities.
To access the ability to add to or change the day list, add to or change the glider list, manage the glider squawks or otherwise manage the scheduling tool requires the "admin" login and password. This login also enables staff and member capabilities.
It is recommended that you check the "remember my password" box on the login page to avoid repetitive entries of the username and login.
Entering Reservations or Scheduling
A reservation can be added by selecting the word None in the schedule chart.
Glider reservations will not be allowed if the availability date of a glider is later than the reservation date.
Instructor reservations will be allowed even if an Instructor is not scheduled. All reservations made with no Instructor will be assigned to the primary Instructor when that individual is assigned.
A reservation is erased by clearing the text in the name field and updating the reservation. (Use the backspace or delete keys.)
Using Keys
Keys can be added to reservation entries to avoid the inadvertant change of the reservation.
To change a reservation for which a key has been previously entered, the identical key must be re-entered.
A key is not required for a reservation. However, anyone will be able to modify the reservation.
Keys cannot be changed once they are entered.
The schedule manager can override the key by entering a master key. If the schedule manager uses the master key to change a resevation, the key for the reservation will be erased.
Comment fields are not protected with keys. (Day comments may only be edited by users with "staff" login ability.)
Other Notes
Only the current and future days are visible from the main schedule page.
Only a limited number of months of days are initially visible from the main scheduling page. This limit may be temporarily overridden from the main schedule page.
Selecting the model of a glider will select the squawk list page for the glider. You will also be able to add a squawk to the glider's squawk list. Please add your name, the date will automatically be included.
Glider squawks can only be edited using the administrative tools.
Administrator: updating staff scheduling from the administrator page erases keys.
Administrator: reducing the number of Instructor will not change existing Instructor schedules. It will only limit new Instructor scheduling.
Administrator: from the update day form, you can either change the date or the data, not both.

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If you have questions contact: Schedule Manager, Towpilot/Instructor Scheduler, GOD Scheduler.