Squawk List

Glider Squawks on Monday 12/18/17


Grob G-103N5462N

Merl, Saturday 5/28/16:
Grounded til ground loop is checked out.

Cole, Saturday 8/09/14:
Grounded: Tailwheel flat, need to modify backup tube

Unknown, Saturday 5/03/14:
Should be ready Sunday, 5/04/2014

Down for annual.

Down for canopy replacement


Collapsed gear. Will reschedule as soon as its available

Down for canopy lift frame repair. hopefully back by 6/14

Down as small repair required to complete condition inspection

Down as annual inspection is past due.

Down for tailwheel repair. Please dont bang the tail on the ground when landing.

Canopy elevator needs welded. Tailwheel needs repaired.
SGS 2-32N232AK
No Squawks recorded.

Down as annual is past due.

Carrl Ellison, Sunday 12/11/11:
12/10/11 The tail wheel bearing is bad, and needs to be changed,

Bill Corbin, Saturday 9/17/11:
Comm Radio has been removed for repairs.

Bill Corbin, Saturday 9/17/11:
The current airspeed indicator is working correctly! This indicator is marked in KNOTS and is the second unit installed. We have a replacement indicator on order. The Communication Radio is NOT Transmitting. However it will receive.

Carl Ellison, Monday 8/15/11:
8/14/11 Airspeed indicator was replaced with a unit reading in knots. Colored range markings were changed to match the numbers on the CSA data sheet. The indicted airspeed now reads about 10 knots lower than would be expected: Stalls at MGW at ~26 kias Stalls solo at ~21 kias. Indicates 45 kias on tow when tow plane indicates 55 kias.

Grounded until nose tubing repaired

Merl, Saturday 1/29/11:
Grounded until repaired

Merl, Saturday 1/29/11:
Grounded Main gear brakes inoperable
Needs annusl condition inspection

Down for repairs.


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