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May 13, 2009

FAA Pilot Certificates

Paper FAA Pilot Certificates must be replaced before March 2010.

Category: General
Posted by: alanda

This is a notice to all CSA Members. If you have a Pilot Certificate that was issued on Paper, you must get a replacement, from the FAA, before March 2010. After March 2010 you must have a Plastic Certificate, similar in size to a credit card. Also this new certificate must state "English Proficient". After March 2010 your old Paper Certificates will not be valid.

Here's the link, order on-line, time to receive new certificate is about 10 days, cost is $2.00

Don't wait until the last moment. This does not apply to Student Pilot Certificates. Call me if you have questions.


Bill Corbin

Chief Instructor CSA