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CSA Membership

Membership Benefits

CSA offers a variety of attractions -- club sailplanes with modest flight charges, a first-class facility with hangars, paved runways, clubhouse, kitchen facilities, bunkroom, recreation room for the kids, camping and RV parking, and excellent soaring. The club encourages cross-country and wave flying. Club instructors provide primary instruction as well as advanced instruction in high performance sailplanes, cross-country flying, mountain wave flying and winch launching.

The club operations depend entirely on the membership, and members are expected to assist with ground operations and participate in maintaining club aircraft and facilities. The modest club dues and income from tows pay for the entire facility and all club operations.

Sailplane Tows

Aerotow rates consist of a base charge for hookup and an additional charge per thousand feet of climb. Winch launches are charged per launch, independent of height gained.  Current tow rates can be found on the CSA Rates page. Members are expected to pay for their tows when they are incurred. Statements are sent monthly.

Soaring Society of America

CSA is a chapter member of the Soaring Society of America (SSA), and CSA members are required to belong to SSA. The SSA membership fee can be found on the CSA Rates page, and this fee is collected through the club. Membership in SSA entitles you to a number of benefits, including Soaring magazine. Dues are pro-rated so that SSA membership for all CSA members expires on June 30 of each year.

Club Aircraft Flight Charges

Hourly rates for club sailplanes can be found on the CSA Rates page. Sailplanes currently in the club inventory include:

Solitaire                Grob G-103             LS-4



General membership meetings are held on an irregular schedule. Board meetings are conducted monthly and are open to all members. Two meetings for all members are held each year as follows:


As a volunteer operation, the gliderport depends on members to run the office and keep things running smoothly on flying days. This is known as G.O.D. duty, for Ground Operations Director. G.O.D.'s responsibility is to answer the phone, give out information, record flights, take money, and keep the operation safe and efficient. Before your first day as G.O.D., get a key to the clubhouse. On the day of your duty, unlock the clubhouse and get the rest of the keys from the kitchen cupboard (see Hangar Map). Proceed to the office and follow the instructions in the G.O.D. manual.

Classes of Membership

The classes of membership and their privileges are as follows.

Class Voting Director Newsletter
Regular yes yes yes
Family yes yes yes
Student no no yes
Associate no no yes
Instructor/Towpilot no no yes
Inactive no no no

Initiation fees and dues are as found on the CSA Rates page.

Membership is open to all individuals interested in the sport of soaring. Application for membership in CSA can be made at any time. If you're not sure if flying a glider is for you but would like to try it, the club offers you the opportunity to get a rebate of your initiation fee any time before your fourth flight.

REGULAR: Full privileges and use of CSA sailplanes.

FAMILY: Any member of a regular member's immediate family who lives in the same household. Includes all the privileges of a regular member, including voting rights if age 18 or older.

STUDENT: An elementary through high-school student, or a full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree program carrying 12 units or more. Includes all the privileges of a regular member except the right to vote. A student under 18 must have permission of a parent or guardian. At age 18 (or at graduation), the student member may convert to a regular membership by payment of the difference between the student initiation fee and the regular initiation fee. No voting rights.

ASSOCIATE: No voting rights and cannot hold office.  Dues are reduced except for months where flying privileges are exercised. Must have been a member for a year and must have a permanent primary residence at a distance greater than a 125 statute road miles of the Owl Canyon glider port

INSTRUCTOR/TOW PILOT: No voting privileges or dues. Must initially join as regular member. May convert to I/TP status after 3 months satisfactory performance and “fly off” initiation fee rebate.

INACTIVE: No flying privileges and no voting rights. A member must have held some other class of membership in CSA to be eligible for inactive status. After a year as an inactive member and for up to five years, an inactive member can return to one of the active membership categories without paying the initiation fee again. After five years, a new initiation fee is required.

Probation Period

A new member is on probation for the first year and may not vote or hold office during that time. If the membership is dropped without cause by the board of directors during this time, the initiation fee will be returned.


Until the Secretary receives a written notice of resignation, a member will continue to be responsible for paying dues.

Changing Class of Membership

In general, a member must remain in a membership class for one year before being eligible for another membership class. An Inactive member may become active without re-paying the initiation fee, but after 5 years in Inactive status, the member is dropped.


Updated 04/11/2015