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Owl Canyon Gliderport Accident Response Plan

A. Immediately:

  1. Call: Fire/Police/Rescue.
    • Dial 911. Gliderport address is 4598 Hackamore Road, Wellington CO, 80549. Telephone number is 970-568-7627.
  2. Cancel flight operations for the rest of the day. Secure gliders and close the gliderport.
  3. Dispatch two members to access road entrance (County Road 7) to direct emergency vehicles and restrict unwanted access.
    • This is private property, and press/television/other media are NOT welcome at this time. Members are NOT to give out any information about the incident. Response to questions should be along the lines of:

“Information will be forthcoming when we are sure of its accuracy.”

  1. Send 3 or 4 strong-minded people to the scene to assist if possible. There is an emergency lit in the Suzuki. Wreckage should not be moved from scene until released by FAA/NTSB. It should not be disturbed except as necessary to prevent further serious injury to occupants.

B. Next:

  1. Assign one person as emergency services contact and spokesperson.
  2. Assign two people to assist family at scene, hospital or home.
  3. Assign one person to collect and record accident information (times, known facts, person(s) involved, and related weather information) collect witness statements, and photograph scene.

C. Then:

  1. Notify CSA President, Vice President and insurance liaison.
  2. Notify FAA/NTSB IF:
    • There was a flight control system failure
    • Personal injury did not allow pilot to perform normal flight duties
    • In-flight fire
    • Midair collision
    • Damage to property other than aircraft estimated at over $25,000
    • An aircraft is overdue and believed to have been involved in an accident

FAA:   800-255-1111

NTSB: 303-373-3500 (7:30 am - 4:00 pm MT)


Updated 08/26/2009