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"Homebuilt" Winch -  350 cu. in. V8

Frank W. Operating the Winch

The CSA sailplane winch specs and its operation are fully documented in the CSA Winch Operations Manual.  Winch procedures  and operations are also described on the Winch Operations page. For easy reference, winch specifications and some maintenance part numbers are included below:

Engine: 1977 Chevy 350 V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gas: Premium unleaded (from the auto-gas tank)
Oil: 20W50
Oil filter: Fram PH????
Transmission fluid: ATF type A
Fanbelt: #7460
Spark plugs: Champion RV17YC
Air filter: Fram CA-192
Winch license: L34576
Weak links: Tost, see weak link chart
Winch cable: Wire rope is galvanized 3/16" 7/7 aircraft wire
from Denver Wire Rope.


Updated 01/17/2014

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