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CSA Safety Committee

While having fun soaring at Owl Canyon Gliderport is very important, safety is our number one priority. If you have any questions, concerns issues regarding safety at OCGP or during other Colorado Soaring Association activities, please contact one of the following individuals:

Chairperson: Merl Raisbeck
Member: Bernie Lewis
Member: Rick Mason
Member: Bill Corbin

The safety committee is responsible for periodic review of operational procedures and accident investigations with recommendations to the CSA Board of Directors. CSA Safety Board activities include:

CSA accident/incident investigation and recommendations Preparation and production of the CSA Annual Safety meeting
Ongoing safety review of pilot ratings, qualifications and other content in the CSA Flight Rules On-going safety review of the OCGP Field Procedures and Winch Operating Procedures
Recommendations  to the CSA BOD regarding any safety issues or concerns submitted to the committee Ongoing review and update of the OCGP Accident Response Plan

Note that the OCGP Response plan is posted in the office next to the radio and is in the inside cover of the G.O.D. Manual at the office desk.

Additional Safety related information:

Fire Extinguisher Locations

  • South Hangar
  • Main Hangar
  • Office
  • Clubhouse

Emergency Kit:

The "Emergency Kit' is a large white box with a red lid and is located in the back of the Suzuki.  The Emergency Kit contains:

  1. Fire axe
  2. First aid kit
  3. Crowbar
  4. Hacksaw (2 ea) and blades
  5. Wire cutter
  6. Tin snips
  7. Sam Splint
  8. Leather work gloves (2 pair)
  9. Heavy wire cutters
  10. Whistle
  11. Bolt cutters
  12. Flashlight (needs 2 each “D” size batteries – currently no batteries installed)
  13. Carpet knife
  14. Blanket
  15. Prise bar
  16. Tarpaulin (2 ea)
  17. Tie-down straps w/ratchet tensioners
  18. Emergency instructions/contact information/extinguisher map
  19. Wire or fabric cutter

Items should never be "borrowed:" from the "EmergencyKit".


Updated 05/24/2014

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