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CSA Awards

Charles Taylor

The Charles Taylor Award is the most prestigious award presented by CSA. It is awarded to the member who has quietly made a significant contribution to the club during the last year. Charles Taylor was actually a cat at CSA's previous home (Black Forrest Gliderport). This award was inspired by the actions of Hodd Taylor. Hodd was a "crusty ol' " CSA member who lived in a trailer at the gliderport. His flying exploits are a four beer story, if you can get George or Curt started. Anyway, Charles was mostly a stray who took up residence at Black Forrest. No one really knew how he survived until Hodd was spotted one evening at the grocery store, quietly examining cat food to figure out which was the most nutritious. The recipient for this award is determined by the current holder.

Owl Canyon Special Award

The Owl Canyon Special Award is presented to an individual who has been an ongoing, significant, contributor to the club. The recipient of this award is determined by the CSA Board of Directors.

President's Award

The President's award is presented to one or more individuals who have made a significant contribution to the club during the previous year. The recipient of this award is determined by the CSA President.

Duck Head

The Duck Head Award is presented to the member showing the most tenacity to just "duck their head" and go cross country. Originally, the award was presented to the individual who accumulated the most "official" miles soaring cross-country. ("Official" being validated badge attempts, records, contest soaring, etc.) But, after repetitively awarding it to Aland Adams and Jerry Kaufman, the scope was broadened to recognize the pilot best demonstrating the spirit of the Duck Head by ignoring all practical considerations and committing the folly of just doing it. The recipient of this award is determined by the CSA Board of Directors.

Mike Adams Winch Award

The Mike Adams Winch Award is presented to the member having the best flight off the winch. Originally, it was given to the person with the longest cross-country flight from a winch launch. But other achievements have also become notable, such as diamond altitudes and actually getting a 2-32 "up the wire". This award moved to CSA from the Northern Colorado Soaring Society as it disbanded in favor of supporting CSA's move to OCGP. It was named after the good samaritan who helped get it ready for the road trip to Coloraodo from California, while in the process of moving himself (something like it needed an axle...). The recipient of this award is determined by the CSA Board of Directors.

Rich Roberts Ballast, Bailing Wire and Bubble Gum Award

The RRBB&BG Award is presented to the member who has most successfully intimidated club equipment into a functioning state. It is awarded by the current holder and significant measurements are rumored to include the number of squawks squelched and sheer volume of cursing. The recipient of this award is determined by the CSA Board of Directors.

Lead "A"

The Lead "A" is awarded to the member who in a moment of ineptness, demonstrates poor judgement that is exceeded only by his or her luck in keeping the resulting damage to club equipment to a minimum. Lest yee be smug, remember the variants to the old saw: "There are those who have, and there are those who will...." The current holder of this award has the fun of "selecting" and presenting this award to the new recipient.

White Knuckle

The White Knuckle award is presented to the student who, in spite of all obstacles placed before him by the club, et al, actually managed to achieved some goals. The award is comprised of a stick from the Scout which, legend suggests, was pried from the grip of a towpilot after a rather adventurous tow with a student glider pilot. This is awarded by the CSA instructors (who have shown they consider everyone students, even themselves).


Year Charles Taylor OC Special Award President's Award

Duck  Head

MA Winch RRBB&BG Lead "A" White Knuckle
2016 Alex Piliptchak Rick Mason Dan Hemphill Lee Slinger Gary Odehnal Merl Raisbeck N/A N/A
2015  Dan Hemphill  George Davies  Dave Kinsell  Bill Corbin  N/A  Lee Slinger  Tom Stanek  Alex Piliptchak
2014 Curt Cole Merl Raisbeck   Tyler Bragg Steamboat Crew Dave Warrender Nate Bolles Lee Slinger
2013 Bill Corbin Charlie, Dave and Lee Slinger Curt Cole Brandon McDowell Tom MacDonald Rick Mason Tyler Bragg N/A
2012 Carl Ellison Merl Raisbeck Rick Mason Neil Van Lieu Bill Bentley Dave Slinger Joel Zacharich Brandon McDowell
2011 Rick Mason Bill Corbin George Davies Dave Kinsell N/A Rob Palmer Rob Palmer N/A
2010 Howie Stetser Dave O'Brien & Dave Slinger Bill Corbin Dave Houlton Fred Herr Rick Mason & Carl Ellison Fred Herr Racine Estep
2009 Joel Zacharich Ken Rouselle   Dave Houlton N/A Rich Roberts Fred Herr Carl Keil & Rob Zacharich
2007   Amelia & Aland Adams            
2006 Stan Scott Scott Hearne     Bob Faris     Melody Charlton, Dennis Moss
2005 Bob Faris Ken Rouselle Dave O'Brien   Dennis Wright   Fred Herr Amanda Schaeffer
2004 Frank Whitely George Davies Curt Cole   Bob Ussery   Dave Houlton None
2003 Dillon Krapes Jim Haneberg Stan Scott Bob Faris N/A Ken Rousselle Jer/ Eberhard, Mark Curtis, and Bill Cotton Mark Jackson
2002 George Davies Ken Rousselle Kathy Fosha Bob Faris Gary Odehnal Rich Roberts CAP Mike Russo
2001 Dave O'Farrell Dillon Krapes Francisco Aravena Stan Scott Frank Whiteley Bill Daniels N/A Carl Ellison
2000 Dave Kinsell Francisco Aravena George Davies Jim Bunch Bill Daniels Curt Cole Chris Mannion Gordon Richards
1999 Stan Scott Ray Middleton Aland Adams Bernie Lewis Dillon Krapes Rich Carr CAP Ken Paar
1998 Curt Cole Rich Carr Frank Whiteley Stan Scott CAP Dave Kinsell Dave Kinsell Melody Charlton
1997 Seymour Family Stan Scott   Dave Kinsell   Rich Roberts Eric Liddell John Campbell
1996 Alison Grimsdel Dave O'Farrell   Tim McAllister   Curt Cole Tim McAllister Frank Willis
1995 Gary Odehnal Sean Geiger   Frank Willis Murray Holland Rich Carr Murray Holland Mathew Demerath
1994 Rich Carr Dave O'Farrell   Scott Hathcock     Gary Odehnal Jim Haneberg
1993 Gary Odehnal Dave Kinsell   Gerald Kaufman     George "Dead Stick" Davies Sean Geiger
1992 Rich Carr Bill Nesse   Gerald Kaufman     J. J. Rose Jamil Husain
1991 Larry Rose     Aland Adams     Dave Richardson David Danforth
1990 Jerry Kaufman     Aland Adams     John Kleespies  
1989 "Handelbar" Johnson     Aland Adams     Dave Kinsell  
1988 Rich Carr     Bill St. Clair     Rich Carr  
1987 Bill Patterson     n/a     Aland Adams  
1986 Richard Gray     Bill St. Clair     Doug Houston  
1985 All of CSA     Gerald Kaufman     Jean Stoker  
1984 Dick Grey & Fred Lidinski     Norma Faulkner     Harry Blout  
1983 Norma Faulkner     Lee Kuhlke     Darryl Hickey  
1982 George Davies           Bob Madelena  
1981 Tom Devareux           Richard Gray  
1980             Mike Moore  
1979             ?  
1978             Jim Forman  
1977             ?  
1976             Fred Lidinsky  
1975             John Brittingham  
1974             ?  
1973             Jim Munn  
1972             Donn Calder  


The Rocky Mountain Soaring Contest is an annual CSA affair and is mostly a fun contest so folks can get together, have a good time and learn a bit about contest soaring, without having all those serious go-getter contest types breathing down the novice's neck. This contest has been held regularly since..... well a long time ago. In the relatively recent past, the contest was expanded to two classes so that tasks of two sizes could be set to accommodate the large range of competing ships. Current tradition is that the winner of the Open Class gets to be Competition Director at the next year's contest.

After CSA became established at OCGP, we decided we needed to have a reason for a downwind, straight-out dash. As a small group of ex-CSA members had relocated to Omaha, we decided to see who could get there the fastest to visit. Hence the Omaha Race. It is over 400 miles to Omaha from OCGP and someday someone will make it all the way and claim they got there the fastest. In the meantime, we give this to whoever goes the furthest on the day we set for the "race".

Year RMSC Open Class RMSC Club Class Omaha Race
2003 Dave Leonard N/A Krapes/Houlton
2002 Dave Leonard Bob Faris N/A
2001 N/A N/A Aland Adams
2000 Dave Kinsell N/A Gary Odehnal
1999 Gary Odehnal N/A N/A
1998 Dave Leonard AF5 (USAFA) Dave Kinsell
1997 Bob Barber Gates/Killington AF4 n/a
1996 Tom Serkowski No Finishers Tim McAllister - 36.3 mi
1995 Rich Carr CSA Team Grob Aland Adams - 91.0 mi
1994 Richard Hall No Contest n/a
1993 Aland Adams Dave Kinsell/Curt Cole Aland Adams - 106.4 mi
1992 Aland Adams Dave Kinsell/Curt Cole n/a
1991 Aland Adams Jim Walker n/a
1990 Jim Payne Jim Walker Dave Leonard - 73.9 mi
1989 Aland Adams Jim Walker n/a
1988 Richard Hall Jim Walker Aland Adams - 73.9 mi
1987 Steve Zimmerman Bob Fischer Bill Nesse - 132.9 mi
1986 Aland Adams Jim Walker  
1985 NC No Contest  
1984 William G. Hill III Norm Austin  
1983 William G. Hill III Lew Nyland/Milt Johnson  
1982 Aland Adams Dieter Bibbig  
1981 Dave Allen Robert Collier  
1980 NC No Contest  
1979 Dick Cofrin Jim Walker  
1978 Billy Hill Carl Ekdahl  
1977 R. L. Hall Don Derry