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SPOT Tracking for CSA Pilots

SPOT Satellite Messengers:

SPOT MessengerSPOT Satellite Messengers are personal GPS trackers which can transmit your location and a predefined message to individuals and emergency services.  Currently these devices have three message functions: Help, OK/Check-In and 911.  The Help and OK/Check-n messages are user definable and can be sent via an e-mail or cell phone text message.  The OK/Check-In message can also be put in a special mode where it tracks progress by automatically transmitting it's location every 10 min. This can be seen via a Google Map based web page on the SPOT website.

CSA Pilots with SPOT Messengers

Following are shared website links for CSA pilots who are known to have SPOT Satellite Messengers with shared tracking pages. If they are flying, or just recently flew, you may be able to see their flight!

Other Colorado Pilots with SPOT Messengers


Updated 01/30/2012