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CSA Rates

Scenic Flights

  Cost Description
Scenic Flight $95 Available to the public. A flight using aero tow in one of CSA's two-place gliders with a commercially rated pilot or instructor pilot. Flight ia approximately 20-30 minutes. Does not include flight instruction. Use the Scenic Flight Contact to schedule.
Scenic Winch Flight $35 Available to the public. A flight using winch tow in one of CSA's two-place gliders with a commercially rated pilot or instructor pilot. Does not include flight instruction.


  Cost Description
FAST10 $99 Available to the public. Includes; An introductory lesson, consisting of a minimum of 30 minutes of ground instruction and approximately 30 minutes of flight time; A copy of the Glider Flying Handbook; A glider pilot’s logbook; and, An introductory 3-month membership in the Soaring Society of America and Colorado Soaring Association, including one copy of the monthly magazine Soaring.
FAST-PLUS10 $250 Available to the public. Includes: Everything you get with the basic FAST package, Two additional instructional flights with one of our instructors, and the opportunity to apply $50 of the FAST-PLUS fee to your initiation fee if you decide to become a regular member of CSA. .All three FAST-PLUS flights must be completed within a 3-month period.

Membership, Equipment and Facility Rates

  Regular Family1 Associate2 Student3 Tow Pilot or Instructor4 Non-member
Initiation Fee $350 $175 $175 $175 $0 n/a
Deposit11 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 n/a
Monthly Dues $65 $32.50 $19.50/$65 $32.50 $0 n/a
SSA Dues $69 $39 $69 $39 $69 n/a
Solitaire - 15XP12 $0.10/min
$0.10/min $0.10/min $0.10/min $0.10/min n/a
Grob G103 - 62N12 $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min n/a
LS-4a - 3W12 $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.30/min n/a
SGS 2-32 - AK $0.75/min $0.75/min $0.75/min $0.75/min $0.75/min n/a
Winch Tows $17 $17 $17 $17 $17 $225,8
(up to 9,000')
$11 + $1.30/100 $11 + $1.30/100 $11 + $1.30/100 $11 + $1.30/100 $11 + $1.30/100 Member Rate + $12.005,8
Wave/Aero-retrieve $180/tach-hour, $68 min $180/tach-hour, $68 min $180/tach-hour, $68 min $180/tach-hour, $68 min $180/tach-hour, $68 min Member Rate +$20
Parachutes $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Cannot use
Barographs $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Cannot use
Tiedowns (outside) $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 glider $40/mo
trailer $20/mo
Hangar Space7 $80/mo prime season
$40/mo off season
$25/wk (Mon-Mon)
$80/mo prime season
$40/mo off season
$25/wk (Mon-Mon)
$80/mo prime season
$40/mo off season
$25/wk (Mon-Mon)
$80/mo prime season
$40/mo off season
$25/wk (Mon-Mon)
$80/mo prime season
$40/mo off season
$25/wk (Mon-Mon)
Cannot use
Clubhouse $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 n/a

Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is available to CSA members only. Instructors are not "employed" by CSA and any charges for instruction are set between each student and their instructor.

1 Requires a Regular member in the same household..
2 Associate members pay full dues only in the months they fly. They must live more than 125 miles from Owl Canyon Gliderport. Limited to 15 days between June 1 and Sep 30.
3 Student membership is only open to full-time secondary and degree-program students.
4 Tow Pilot/Instructor members are required to spend two days per month instructing or towing for CSA.
5 Only available if currency and skills can be verified to meet CSA standards.
6 No flying on negative balance account. Balances over 60 days incur service charges of 21% annual rate.
7 Prime season is May through September. Off season is October through April. Trailers may be stored in the hangar at half the rigged rate. Annual reservation is $600 in advance, request by January 1. Prime season reservation is $400 in advance, request by April 1. Annual and prime reservations will be allocated by lottery if oversubscribed.  Off season single engine aircraft $200/mo if space is available.
8 Non-member rate to a maximum of six tows per year. Additional tows double member rate. Non-member tows may only be provided to pilots who are SSA members and members of an SSA club (chapter) which is also insured by Costello and Associates.
9 Aerotows above 9,000 ft will be charged at the Wave/Aeroretrieve rate.
10 FAST and FAST-PLUS are not available to those who are members or past members of the Soaring Society of America. Participants must be realistic candidates for regular or student membership in the Colorado Soaring Association (i.e., must live within 125 road miles of Owl Canyon Gliderport). CSA introductory membership period is 3 months or until instructional flights are completed, whichever is shorter
11 Must be paid prior to first non-instructional flight in CSA sailplanes. Deposit is refundable for members in good standing on termination of membership or after two years of continuous membership.
12 Maximum flight charge is 3 hours per person per sailplane per day.

 Updated 04/20/2016

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