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CSA Corporate Information

Documents referenced on this page are considered private to the Colorado Soaring Association membership. Accessing them requires the standard login credentials known to CSA members.

Articles of Incorporation

CSA is incorporated in Colorado as a not-for-profit 501c(7) corporation. We are not required to pay sales tax, but we do pay personal property tax and real property tax.


Per the Articles of Incorporation, the Colorado Soaring Association is governed by a set of Bylaws.

Board Meeting Minutes

Following are recent CSA Board meeting minutes:

Additional meeting minutes can be found on the CSA Board Minutes page.


Code of Conduct


Four of the directors are elected in even years, three in odd years. Elections take place by mail before the annual meeting in October. After election, the directors meet and select the officers from among their ranks. The current directors. their roles and the end of their terms are:

Role Name Term Ends
President David Slinger 2018
Vice President Merl Raisbeck 2018
Secretary Dave Kinsell 2018
Treasurer Dan Hemphill 2019
Director George McLaughlin 2019
Director Howie Stetser 2018
Director Dave Warrender 2019


Financial results

Dues & Initiation Fee Philosophy

Because the equipment is fairly under-utilized, the board of directors eliminated glider flight charges in 1990 to stimulate more flying. To make this a "revenue-neutral" change, dues were increased to subsidize the free ship time. This made CSA near or slightly above average in dues compared to other clubs, while owning some of the best facilities in the country. In 1990, some clubs where charging $50 per month, while CSA was charging $30 per month.

Traditionally, CSA had annual dues; there was no provision for paying less than a full year's dues. In 1990, the board went to monthly billing of dues to help reduce "sticker shock" for new members. At the same time, the initiation fee was dropped substantially. This resulted in a few members wanting to join just for the summer and quit in the winter. Since the club owns the gliderport, its bills come in all year long, and the members need to accept responsibility for that ownership. Consequently, in 1991 the board raised the initiation fees to a level that discourages members from quitting just for the winter. If they quit, they'll have to pay the initiation fee again to re-join.

Member Accounts

Members are expected to maintain a positive account balance by paying dues on time and paying for flight charges on the day they are incurred. Any accounts 60 days past due will result in the member being prevented from flying. A member in this position will have to make out a check for $100 just to fly, then pay all flight charges before leaving for the day. An account past due for 90 days will be grounds for termination of membership. At the discretion of the Treasurer, payment of one year's dues by March 15 will result in a discount.


Liability and physical damage insurance is carried on all aircraft and on the hangar. Each member is responsible for the first $1000 of damage caused to an aircraft while under their charge.

Assets and Debt

Colorado Soaring Association owns the airfield, gliders, a towplane and miscellaneous equipment.

Colorado Soaring Association only has a non-interest bearing encumbrance for the hangar floor work done in 2008.


Updated 11/ 4/2017

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