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Other CSA Equipment

Aircraft Equipment

Glider batteries, ballast, parachutes, barographs and other flight equipment are kept in the storeroom.

An oxygen cylinder cart for filling glider oxygen bottles is kept in the south hangar. You must be trained and checked out to perform bottle fills. It is important to know how to safely fill oxygen cylinders from the oxygen cart for your safety and the safety of others.


Trailers are available for the G-103/Blanik L-23, and LS-4a. Before flying cross-country, a member must be checked out by a CSA instructor in assembly and disassembly of the glider, loading the glider and trailering it properly. The club also owns a utility trailer which is used for various tasks around the gliderport.

The club uses standard, flat ,4-pin rubberized trailer plugs available at most auto and trailer parts stores. Wiring is as follows:

G-103/Blanik L-23 trailer license: L32916
LS-4a trailer license:
Utility trailer license:
Winch license: L34576

Tractor (Binder)

The tractor is used for grading and maintaining the driveway, mowing along the runways and snow removal from the runway in the winter, using its blade and bush-hog attachments. You must get a checkout and demonstrate proficiency in using the tractor and at before you will be given a key and be allowed to use it on your own. The Binder Manual is available here.

Suzuki "zuki" Samurai

The "Zuki" field utility vehicle is used to move gliders, setting the winch, retrieving winch wire, and on-field transport.  It can be operated in 2 or 4-wheel drive configuration. It is not road worthy nor licensed so it cannot be driven off of the gliderport. You should get a checkout before operating the "Zuki".

Hand & Power Tools

An assortment of tools is kept in the south hangar. Please use them with care and return them to their place when you are finished using them.

Yard Tools

Lawnmowers, weed-whackers, shovels, rakes, and other tools are kept in the south hangar. Gas for mowers, tractor, and the Suzuki is kept in the fuel enclosure mogas tank, do not put avaition gas in these devices.


Updated 05/21/2014

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